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Vladimir Aleksandrovich VLASOV


Vladimir VLASOV, USSR Composer. Honoured Art Worker Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic; Popular Artist of Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic; Seer, and board member, Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic Union of Composers, since 1960; member, Auditing Commission, USSR Union of Composers. Order of Red Banner of Labor, 1958.


VLASOV, Vladimir was born in 1902.


1929 graduated violin class, Moscow Conservatory.


1936-1942 Musical Director, Music and Drama Theater, later known as the Theater of Opera and Ballet, Frunze. His compositions, written in conjunction with Fere and Maldybaev, paved the way for development of Kirghizia opera and ballet. They also wrote the music of the Kirghizia national anthem.