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Vladimir Semenovich Vysotskii

actor , poet , ballad singer

Vladimir Vysotskii, USSR Poet, actor, ballad singer.


Vysotskii, Vladimir was born in 1938 in Moscow.


Studied at the Moscow Construction Engineering Institute. Graduated from the Moscow MKHAT Actors’ School.


From 1964, worked as an actor in the Moscow Taganka Theatre. Gained fame for his singing and poetry. His songs circulated in magnitizdat (private tape recordings) all over the Soviet Union, though during his lifetime, no official records of his were issued.

As an actor, received recognition in the role of Hamlet. Acted in many productions. His name guaranteed box-office success.

Also acted in many films. Married the French actress Marina Vlady (PoliakovaBaiJarova). Towards the end of his short life, became a pop-idol (and victim of alcoholism).

The authorities disliked him for his nonconformism, but he was privately admired even by Committee for State Security men. Immensely popular for the last 10 years of his life. His death was mourned throughout Russia, with many thousands turning up for his funeral.

After his death, his recorded songs and books of his verse became available. Now recognized as the voice of protest during the years of Brezhnevite stagnation.