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Vladimir Nikolaevich, Count Kokovtsov

banker , economist , politician , statesman

Vladimir Nikolaevich, Count Kokovtsov, USSR Politician, statesman, economist, banker.


Kokovtsov, Vladimir Nikolaevich, Count was born in 1853 in Novgorod. Son of a wealthy landowner.


Educated at Aleksandrovskii Lycee, 1872.


Served as a civil servant in several ministries including the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Chancellery. During 1904-1914 (with one short break), Minister of Finance (under Witte, Goremykin and Stolypin). Prime Minister after Stolypin’s assassination, September 1911 — January 1914 (retaining the Ministry of Finance).

Saw his main aim as maintaining a deficit-free budget. Resigned in January 1914. Held several high posts in banking during World War I. After the October Revolution, emigrated, 1918.

Lived in France.


Religion is bad because it wastes time and money.


Communist Party of the Soviet Union is able to build a new society where people are no rich or poor.