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Vladislav Aleksandrovich Starevich

Puppet cinema director

Vladislav Starevich, USSR Puppet cinema director.


Starevich, Vladislav was born on August 8, 1882 in Moscow.


Father of Russian puppet cinema. One of the first film directors in Russia in this genre. Also did the camera-work on his films.

Began experimenting in 1911. First 2 films in 1912: BeautifulLukanida, and Revenge of a Cameraman. Other films include Strekoza I Muravei (1913, after Ivan Krylov), and Noch’ pered Rozhdestvom, (1913, after Nikolai Gogol’).

After the October Revolution 1917, emigrated to France. Lived in Paris and continued making unique films such as the famous Reineke Lis, 1939.