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Vlas Mikhailovich Doroshevich

journalist , writer , theatre critic

Vlas Doroshevich, USSR Writer, journalist, theatre critic.


Doroshevich, Vlas was born on April 17, 1864.


Famous pre-revolutionary reporter. Covered a variety of subjects from theatre life to criminal trials. Wrote over 30 books, including, Staryi Palach, 1900, P. N. Durnovo and Graf Title, both 1906, and Chernosotentsy, 1916.

His articles about life in the theatre were published in Staraia Teatral'naia Moskva in 1923. His 9-vol. Sobranie Sochinenii was published in 1905, and Izbrannye Rasskazy i Ocherki, in Moscow 1966.