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W. L. AUSTIN Edit Profile


W. L. AUSTIN, Member, TJ.S. Bureau of Census, Department of Commerce. Member of American Statistical Association; American Economic Association; American Academy Political and Social Science; American Farm Economic Association; National Council of Economic League; Phi Kappa Psi; Masons.


AUSTIN, W. L. was born on January 25, 1871 in Scott Company, Mississippi, United States. Son of Richmond Pearson and Sue D. (Lane) Austin.


Harperville (Mississippi) College, 1886-1891. University of Mississippi, Bachelor of Philosophy, 1897. Bachelor of Laws, 1898.


1903. Chief Statistician, Division of Agriculture, TJ.S. Bureau of Census, 1917. In charge of 14 decennial census of Agriculture, Irrigation. drainage. 1919-1922, since 1930.


Member of American Statistical Association. American Economic Association. American Academy Political and Social Science.

American Farm Economic Association. National Council of Economic League. Phi Kappa Psi; Masons.


Spouse Eley D. Campbell, December 29.