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Washington Lee Capps Edit Profile

Naval officer

Washington Lee Capps, American naval officer. Awarded Navy Distinguished Service Medal “for exceptionally meritorious services in a position of great responsibility” during the World War; specially commended, 1924, for services on Naval Compensation Board during preceding seven years. Remained on dut as member Navy Yard Commission, president Navy Compensation Board, and president Naval War Claims Board until day of death, at his home.


Capps, Washington Lee was born on January 31, 1864 in Portsmouth, Virginia, United States. Son of Washington Tazewell and Frances (Bernard) Capps.


Graduated from the United States Naval Academy, 1884. Bachelor of Science, University of Glasgow, 1888, Doctor of Science, 1912.


Of Rear Admiral and Mistress Aaron Ward. of Roslyn, Long Island, 1911. Promoted ensign, July 1, 1886. Appointed assistant naval constructor, June 6, 1888.

Promoted naval constructor, January 28, 1895.


Served on the United States Ship Tennessee, and on the staffs of Rear Admirals Luce and Jouett, 1884-1886. Member Board Inspection and Survey, Washington, 1899-1901.


Married Edna Ward, d.

Washington Tazewell Capps

Frances (Bernard) Capps

Edna Ward