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Wen-Chiun Bar Edit Profile

also known as Pa Wen-chiun

government official

Bar Wen-chiun took various official positions in the thirtieth of the 20th century.


Bar Wen-chiun was born in Suiyuan of Mancburian parentage.


After completing his Chinese education in China, he went to France, where he was graduated from Caen University.


After his graduation from Caen University, Bar Wen-chiun returned to China. He successively served as counsellor to the Garrison Commander of the Peiping-Tientsin Area, Special Commissioner to Nepal, instructor of French in the Wen-Hua University at' Peiping, sectional chief in the Mongolian and Tibetan Affairs Commission and later councillor to the Commission and pacification commissioner to the Mongolian Leagues in Charhar.