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Wen-Hui Kuan Edit Profile

Engineering educator

Wen-Hui Kuan, Chinese engineering educator. Recipient Ching-O medal, National National Chung-Hsing University University, Taiwan, 1991, Ching-Yao medal, 1992; grantee, Ministry of Education, Taiwan, 2001; scholar, Phi Tao Phi, 1992, Ministry of Education, Taiwan, 1993-1994, 1995-1998, National Chung-Hsing University Engineering Consulting Association, Taiwan, 1998-1999, National Science Council, 1999—2000.


Kuan, Wen-Hui was born on December 30, 1970 in Hsin-Chu, Taiwan.


Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering, National Chung-Hong University, Taiwan. Master of Science in Environmental Engineering, National Taiwan University. Doctor of Philosophy, National.Taiwan University, Taipei, 2000.


Post doctoral researcher National Taiwan University, Taipei, 2000—2001, part-time assistant professor, 2000—2001. Assistant professor Mingchi University of Technology, Taipei Hsien, 2001—2005, associate professor, since 2005. Chief Office Extacurricular Activities Ming-Chi Institute of Technology, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan, 2001—2002, chief Office Environmental Protection, 2002—2005, chairperson department safety, health, and environmental engineering, 2005—2009.


  • Achievements include patents for an instrument for the stabilization of hazardous metal sludge. Patents pending for a method to enhance the stabilization of hazardous metal sludge. Patents pending for a method of adding surfactants into the electro-coagulation-flotation process to enhance the particles removal.

    Patents pending for a method for the optimum dosage of Al-based coagulant in the defluoridation process. Research in appling electro-coagulation-flotation process to the treatment of industry arsenic-containing wastewater. Research in using electrochemical methods to explore the reaction mechanism of Cr(VI) reduced by zero-valence metals.

    Research in developing a packaged module, electro-coagulation-floatation (ECP) process incorporated calcium precipitation, to removal fluoride from semiconductor wastewater.


  • Other Interests

    Swimming, travel.