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Wendy McElroy is a Canadian individualist feminist and anarcho-capitalist. She is well known to be a writer and editor of a number of periodicals.


Mrs. McElroy was born in Canada in 1951.


Wendy McElroy was a co-founder along with Carl Watner and George H. Smith of The Voluntaryist magazine in 1982 and is the author of a number of books. She is the editor of the Independent Institute website ifeminists.com.

Mrs. McElroy has repeatedly worked with George H. Smith, another well-known anarcho-capitalist author. However, in 2015 the relationship between McElroy and Smith became rancorous, to the point where McElroy complained of "sexual slander," victimization and exploitation.


  • Wendy McElroy is well known for her public activity and views she defends. She is an author of a range of books.



In explaining her position in regard to capitalism, Wendy McElroy says she has a "marked personal preference for capitalism as the most productive, fair and sensible economic system on the face of the earth," but recognizes that the free market also enables other economic systems. She says what she wants for society is "not necessarily a capitalistic arrangement but a free market system in which everyone can make the peaceful choices they wish with their own bodies and labor", and therefore describes herself as a supporter of free market economics.


Mrs. McElroy has defended the availability of pornography and condemned anti-pornography feminism campaigns. Besides, Wendy McElroy believes that crime data about rape are extremely inaccurate and that rape culture is a false narrative created by "politically-correct" feminists. She has criticized sexual harassment policies and in particular grade-school zero-tolerance policies - which she considers to be "far too broad and vague" and based on biased reports.


  • president of Canadian branch

    Feminists for Free Expression , United States