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William Kentridge


William Kentridge is a South African artist. The stark, images of William Kentridge explore life in his homeland of South Africa, touching upon the country’s long history of discrimination and hard-fought change. These images often achieve their greatest potency when incorporated into the artist’s animated films.


Kentridge, William was born in 1955 in Johannesburg.


Bachelor in Politics and African Studies, University Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, 1976. Diploma in Fine Arts, Johannesburg Art Foundation, 1978. Student, École Jacques LeCoq, Paris.


  • Achievement  of William Kentridge

    Kentridge's Five Themes exhibit was included in the 2009 Time 100, an annual list of the one hundred top people and events in the world. That same year, the exhibition was awarded First Place in the 2009 AICA (International Association of Art Critics Awards) Best Monographic Museum Show Nationally category.



William Kentridge's art reflects the nature of Kentridge's South Africa, a country still in the midst of social upheaval. The artist began making animations in the late eighties, just before the downfall of South Africa's racist apartheid government, and he has continued his work throughout the country's struggle toward democracy.

Kentridge depicts the struggles of a people burdened by their history.