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William James Henry Traynor Edit Profile

Real estate broker

William James Henry Traynor, Canadian real estate broker.


Traynor, William James Henry was born on July 4, 1845 in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. Son of Peter Traynor.


Public school education.


Worked on farm until his 22d yr. Moved to Detroit: was in live stock and lumber business until 1873.

Later publisher The Public Leader, The Detroit Graphic, The Daily Times, The Detroit Courier and The Patriotic American. Prominent in organization of American Protective Association (the “A. P. A.”). Was its first State president, later supreme president and international president.

Also member and has been supreme grand master of the United States Vice-President triennial council of the world, Loyal Orange Institution.


Masonic and other secret societies Notable for controversies with George Parsons Lathrop, Archbishop Keane of Washington and other papal celebrities on “The Paparchy in American Politics.” etc., in N. American Review and other American and European publications.


Peter Traynor. Traynor