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William Dewolf Hopper, American comedian.


Hopper, William Dewolf was born on March 30, 1858 in New York City. Son of John and Rosalie (DeWolf) Hopper.


Educated J. H. Morse’s School.


1 son, John Allan; married 3d, Edna Wallace, January 28, 1893. Married 4th, Nella Reardon Bergen, 1899. Married 5th, Ella Furry, May 24, 1913.

(divorced from each). 1 son, Wm. DeWolf; married 6th, Mistress Lillian Glaser (singer), October 20, 1925. Debut in “Our Boys,” 1879.

Later with Frohman’s Madison Square Company as Pittacus Green in “Hazel Kirke” and other rôles. Studied vocal music and joined the McCaull Opera Company. Starred in comedy rôles at the head of own company.

Later with Weber & Fields Company. Then starring at head of own company and playing Mr. Pickwick; starring in revival of “Wang,” “Happyland,” “The Matinee Idol,” and “Pinafore”.

Appeared as Reginald Bunthorne in “Patience,” at Lyric Theatre, New York, 1912, later as Edward in “The Pirates of Penzance”. Played as Ko-Ko, in “The Mikado,” 1913, as the Lord Chancellor, in star revival of “Iolanthe,” 1913. Starred in “The Better ’Ole,” 1918-1919, in “Erminie,” with Francis Wilson, 1921.

Head of own company in revival of Gilbert & Sullivan operas, 1921-1925. With Student Prince Company, 1925-1926, 1927-1928, White Lilacs Company, 1929. Lecture and concert tour, 1930-1931.

Spoke over radio 10 weeks, 1932. Tour of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, 1933. Author: (with W. W. Stout) Once a Clown Always a Clown, 1927.

Home: New York, New York.


  • Other Work

    • Author: (with W. W. Stout) Once a Clown Always a Clown, 1927.


Married Ella Gardiner. Married second, Ida Mosher.; married 3d, Edna Wallace, January 28, 1893.

; married 5th, Ella Furry, May 24, 1913.; married 6th, Mistress.

John Hopper

Rosalie (DeWolf) Hopper

Ella Gardiner

Ida Mosher

Edna Wallace

Ella Furry