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William F. BUTZ


William F. BUTZ, economist in the field of Economic Development Model and Theories; Demographic Economics; Human Capital. Danforth Graduate Fellow.


BUTZ, William F. was born in 1943 in Lafayette, Indiana, United States of America.


Bachelor of Arts Indiana University, 1965.


Economics, Senior Economics, Deputy Director Labor and Population Studies Program, Rand Corporation, 1970-1978, 1978-1982. Visiting Lector Economics, University of California, Los Angeles, Calif., United States of America, 1976-1982. Association Director Demographic Fields, United States Bureau Census, 1982-.


  • Danforth Graduate Fellow.


My interest in economic research began with the interactions between microeconomics of the family, on the one hand, and nutrition, health, and fertility, on the other hand. At that time (early 1970s), no appropriate microdata existed, so I initiated and designed two large surveys in Guatemala and Malaysia to fill this gap. Much of my career has been spent in collaborating with demographers, epidemologists and other economists - - analysing their data and publishing the results.

These interests spilled over into analyses of United States fertility. In teaching economic development courses, I have concentrated on the microeconomics of development. Accepting a job in charge of the demographic data and research at the United States Census Bureau was a major career shift — toward broader subject matters and toward administration.