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William James Kirkpatrick, American composer.


Kirkpatrick, William James was born on February 27, 1838 in Duncannon, Pennsylvania, United States. Son of Thompson and Elizabeth (Storey) Kirkpatrick.


Education common schools and by father. Interested in music from boyhood. Went to Philadelphia, 1854.

Thrice married; 1st wife died 1878.


Joined Methodist Episcopal Church, 1855. From then devoted to sacred music. Studied singing under T. Bishop, Ettore Barrilli, and Pasquale Rondinella.

Theory, harmony and composition under Doctor Leopold Meignen. Pipe organ under David D. Wood. Fife major 91st Pennsylvania Vols., 1861-1862.

Musical director and organist Ebenezer Mechanical Engineering Church, Philadelphia, 1865-1886. Musical director Grace Mechanical Engineering Church, 1886-1896. Was editor or associate editor of over 120 books of music.

Some of the best known are Songs of Redeeming Love, Nos. 1 and 2, 1882, 86; Songs of Joy and Gladness, Nos. 1 and 2, 1885, 1891; Finest of the Wheat, Nos.

1, 2 and 3, 1890-1904. Organ Score Anthems, 1892, Northern 2, 1894. Unfading Treasures, 1893.

Infant Praises; Children’s Praises. Dew Drops, 1895; Sacred Songs for Little Voices, 1900, 1913. Young People’s Hymnal, 1897, Northern 2, 1901, Northern 3, 1905.

The King’s Praises, 1907, 1910, 1912. New Christian Hymn Book, 1907. Message in Song, Nos.

1 and 2, 1915; etc. Home: Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa.


Married second, Mistress.; married 3d, Mistress.

Thompson Kirkpatrick

Elizabeth (Storey) Kirkpatrick