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Willy TAMINIAUX, Belgian Senator.


TAMINIAUX, Willy was born on December 17, 1939 in Ecavssinnes d’Enghien.


Qualified as teacher, 1958. Certificate of aptitude in teaching of children with special educational needs, 1972.


Senator for Mons-Soignies, 1985. Secretary, Council of French Community, since 1988. Current position on government Committees, in Senate, Acting Representative on Committees for Social Affairs, Education and Science.

First Vice-President on Committee for Constitutional and Institutional Reforms. Deputy Representative on Committee for Finance. Current position on committees of Council of French Community, Acting Representative for General Affairs, Public Works and Public Finance, the Family and Social Security, Education and Scientific Research, Working Party on Problems of the Third World.

Deputy Representative for Youth and Development. Current position on committees of Wallonia Regional Council, Acting Representative on Employment, the Economy, PME, the Environment, Agriculture and Energy, Water, Rural Renovation and Conservation, Personnel and Administration. Teacher, Houdeng-Goegnies Local Primary School, 1958-1974.

Teacher, general studies, at La Louvière Local School for children with special educational needs ‘Ecole Fidèle Mengaf (Fidèle Mengal School), 1974-1979, Headmaster, 1979-1985. Organiser, Blanc Pain District Committee, Houdeng-Goegnies, since 1974. Pres, Centre Faction of National Association, for the Mentally Handicapped, since 1975.

Director a.s.b.l. Association, for the creation of Protected Workshops in the Central Region, since 1975. Director, Regional Federation for the promotion of the Disabled, La Hestre, since 1976. Director a.s.b.l. Regional Centre for Speech Training and Audiophonology, La Louvière, since 1977.

President, a.s.b.l. Association, for the creation of Community Services for the Severly Mentally Handicapped in the Central Region, since 1977. Managing Director, a.s.b.l. Association, for the creation of Hostels for the Disabled, since 1978.

Member, a.s.b.l. The 94 Workshops, Protected Workshop, Hovdeng - Goegnies, 1978, Director, and Vice-President since 1982. Director, a.s.b.l. "Together’ for the Defence and Encouragement of Education and Students of the Fidèle Mengal School, La Louvière, since 1979. Organiser, Local Peace and Development Group.

President, Federation of Soiguies of the Association, of Socialist teachers. President, a.s.b.l. Socialist Expression.