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Wilmon Brewer was an American literary scholar, poet, author and philanthropist.


Brewer, Wilmon was born on April 1, 1895 in Hingham, Massachusetts, United States. Son of Francis Willard and Augusta Caroline (Edwards) Brewer.


Degree, Country Day School, Newton. AB, Harvard University, 1917. AM, Harvard University, 2020.

Doctor of Philosophy, Harvard University, 2025. Doctor of Letters, Curry College, 1959.


During this time period, he and More fell in love. Graduating from Harvard in 1917, magna cum laude, he volunteered for service in WWI. After the war, he returned to Harvard, taught English, and earned his master's degree and doctorate in English there. A good example of Brewer's skill as a classical scholar is his book Ovid's Metamorphoses in European Culture.

This study provides commentary on the Brookes More (Brewer's father-in-law) translation of Ovid's work, which is recognized as one of the masterpieces of the golden age of Latin literature (written in AD 8, by this famous Roman poet). Brewer's book traces the Greek and Roman origins of the epic poem, as well as the subsequent influence on later European writers, such as Chaucer and Shakespeare. Brewer provides a comprehensive analysis of how the 15-book Metamorphoses influenced the entire history of Western culture.

Brewer was a prolific poet himself, publishing a number of books of poetry. Parker was highly regarded in the Boston area as a teacher of voice and music, and considered by Brewer to be the best dramatic coach in Boston and invaluable at bringing out the best in his students. Professor Kenneth Murdock, head of American literature at Harvard, ordered a number of copies of Brewer's book on Parker as an excellent example for his students on how to write a biography.

At the age of 90, Brewer published his autobiography, Looking Backwards. Brewer's books include:Shakespeare's Influence on Sir Walter Scott, 1925Dante's Eclogues, 1927Life and Poems of Brookes More, 1940, 2nd edition 1980About Poetry and Other Matters, 1943Adventures in Verse, 1945, 2nd edition 2005Talks About Poetry, 1948New Adventures, 1950A Life of Maurice Parker, 1954Adventures Further, 1958Still More Adventures, 1966Ovid's Metamorphoses in European Culture, 1978Concerning the Art of Poetry, 1979Latest Adventures, 1981Sonnets and Sestinas, 1983Looking Backwards, 1985An early example of this is that at the age of 25, Brewer gave "The Old Ordinary," (a historic, 17th-century tavern), to the Hingham Historical Society. They also donated 300 acres of their Great Hill estate to the town of Hingham, which is now More-Brewer Park.

Their generosity made the purchase of World's End possible for use as a public park. World's End is a 251-acre wooded peninsula in Boston Harbor, which had been in the Brewer family since the 1880s. Wilmon Brewer was a dedicated supporter of the Hingham Public Library and served as a trustee from 1938 until 1985.


  • He served as a Second Lieutenant in the trench warfare in France, and was awarded the Purple Heart. Wilmon Blackmar, a Civil War medal of honor winner. He was also a landscape painter, violin maker, and a champion rifle shot and billiard player.


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    • Author: Shakespeare's Influence on Sir Walter Scott, 1925, Dante's Eclogues, 1961, Ovid's Metamorphoses in European Culture, 1933, 1941, 1956, 1978, Sonnets & Sestinas, 1937, Life and Poems of Brookes More, 1740, 1980, Adventures in Verse, 1945, 1963, Talks About Poetry, 1948, New Adventures, 1950, (various) including A Life of Maurice Parker, Adventures Further, Still More Adventures, Concerning the Art of Poetry. Editor: 20th Anniversary Volunteer, 1942. Contributor articles poetry to anthology.

      Editor: (various) including American Rose magazine, Australian Rose annual, New Zealand Rose annual, Principal Poets of the World (London 1932), United States Anthology (1936), Geographical Dictionary of America Poets.


Fellow: International Institute Arts & Letters (life). Member: Modern Language Association, National Platform Association, Order Washington, Dante Society of America, Military Order Foreign Wars, Salon Allied Arts, Shakespeare Association American, Sovereign Colonial Society, Hingham History Society, Massachusetts Audubon Society, American Poetry Association (president 1939-1941, treasurer 1941-1947), Council American Poets (vice president 1968), New England Poetry, London Authors, Manuscript of Boston, Authors Club (past president 1944-1946).


Married Katharine Hay More, June 21, 1922.

Francis Willard Brewer

Augusta Caroline (Edwards) Brewer

Katharine Hay More