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Yin Shih Edit Profile


government official

He was a Chinese government official.


Yin Shih was born at Yang-hsin, Hupeh, China (Hubei, China) in 1887.


Mr. Shih received his modern education in England, France and Belgium. While in England, he attended Birmingham College studying metallurgy in 1917.


Yin Shih worked as a secretary to the late Dr. Sun Yat-sen during the 1911 Revolution, director of the Hupeh branch of the Kuomintang, China in 1912. He was also a member of 1st Parliament in 1913. During Yuan Shih-kai's monarchical movement, he left China for England to pursue higher education.

After graduation, he worked in various electric and engineering works in Sheffield and also in the Park Gate Steel Works and other firms. Following his return to China in 1923, he attempted to establish a steel and iron works in South China, but the coup d'etat in that year at Canton frustrated his plan.

In 1924 he came to Peking and became a professor in the Peking Government University. Later he was appointed president of the Wuchang University, director of the Canton Arsenal in 1926, director of the Shanghai Arsenal at Lunghwa in 1927, Commissioner of Construction for Hupeh and concurrently member of the Hupeh Provincial Government in 1928.

Then Mr. Shih was appointed Commissioner of Reconstruction of Chekiang Provincial Government in December, 1930, Mayor of Nanking Municipality in 1932-1935. Since 1932 he became a member of the Central Executive Committee and Minister of Personnel Selection and Ranking of the Examination Yuan since August 1935.