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Yu-Lin Wang Edit Profile


Yu-Lin Wang was a Chinese lawyer.


He was born in Hangchow, Chekiang, China in 1878.


Mr. Wang studied law in Japan and on his return to China was engaged for five years in educational work in Hupeh.


Yu-Lin Wang went to Peking to compile the Commercial Gazette for the Board of Commerce. Following this he was commissioned as a judge of the civil division of the former Supreme Court and also chief compiler on the Law Codification Commission. Later, he became professor of law in a law school and in 1912 was made a councilloy of the Law Department. Soon he became vice-Minister of Justice. After resigning this office he practised law for some time and in 1914, when Yuan Shih-kai dissolved Parliament and organized a new advisory body called Tsan-cheng-Yuan, he was appointed a member of that body, and concurrently vice-president of the Law Codification Commission.

Mr. Wang also occupied position of senator in 1917-1918, was one of the northern delegates to the Internal Peace Conference at Shanghai in 1919, president of the first National Bar Association in 1921. He also practised law in Peiping for 15 years and is the founder of the well-known Chao Yang University there. Since the transfer of the Capital from Peiping to Nanking, he was engaged in legal practice in Shanghai.