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Yu-shan Shih Edit Profile


army officer

Mr. Shih was Chinese army officer.


Yu-shan Shih was born in Changchun, Kirin, China (Changchun, Jilin, China) in 1892.


He received his training at Mukden and Paoting Military Officers' College.


Yu-shan Shih first joined army service under Feng Yu-hsiang and through many years of service, became a distinguished officer in the Kuominchun (Feng's Army). He also participated in the various revolutionary campaigns in the North with Feng Yu-hsiang in 1927-1928 and was made a General. Then he was appointed Chairman of Anhwei Provincial Government in 1930, but was relieved of his office, when he joined the Yen-Feng Military Coalition at Peiping in opposition to the Nanking Government. After the collapse of the Coalition, he re-entered the service of the National Government and was appointed Commander of the 13th Route Army of the National Forces, which post he resigned in 1931.