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Yuan-ren Chao Edit Profile

also known as Y. R. Chao

philologist , university professor , author

Chao Yuan-ren was a university professor, author of numerous books and translations, composer.


Mr. Chao was native of Kiangsu (Jiangsu). He was born in Tianjin, Chihli, China in 1892.


Chao Yuan-ren received his advanced education in America, where he studied at Cornell and Harvard Universities, graduating with Bachelor of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in 1914 and 1918 respectively.


Mr. Chao was an instructor in physics at Cornell University from 1919 to 1920. He worked as an interpreter for Bertrand Russell during the latter's visit to China on a lecture tour between 1920 and 1921. Chao Yuan-ren served as an instructor in Chinese and philosophy at Harvard University around 1921 to 1924.

During the years 1925 to 1929 he held the post of a research professor at Tsing Hua University, Peiping. Later Mr. Chao became a research fellow in the National Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica in Nanking in 1929.


  • Chao Yuan-ren was one of the founders of the Science Society of China, Nanking.


  • book

    • "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"

      (translation of Lewis Carroll's book)

    • "Through the Looking-Glass"

      (translation of Lewis Carroll's book)

    • "The Camberley Triangle"

      (translation of A. A. Milne's book)

    • "A New Book of Rhymes"

    • "Textbook of the National Language"

    • "A Phonograph Course in the Chinese National Language"

    • "Studies in the Wu-Dialects"

  • piece of music

    • "Songs of Contemporary Poets"

  • record

    • "Shin Gwoyeu Liousheng Piann"

      (New National Language Records (1935))

    • "Basic English Records"

      (author and speaker (1934))


  • China Foundation for Promotion of Education and Culture , China

    1928 - 1932

  • He was one of the founders of the organization.

    Science Society of China , China