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Zinaida Petrovna BOCHANTSEVA

Cytologist and plant embryologist

Zinaida BOCHANTSEVA, USSR Cytologist and plant embryologist. Candidate of Biological Science since 1945; associate, Botanical Gardens, Central Asian University, Tashkent, since 1930.


BOCHANTSEVA, Zinaida was born in 1907 in Vemy, now Alma-Ata.


1930 graduated Central Asian University.


1926-1941 Assistant, then lecturer, Biological Faculty, Central Asian University. Since 1942 guide, Botanical Gardens. Central Asian University.

1930-1933 member, expedition to Central Asia to study and prepare wild decorative export plants from: Transport-Bi Alatau, Chuili Mountains, Kirghizia Alatau, South Kazakhstan Oblast, Ferghana Mountains and Kermine area. Research deals with: intergeneric hybridization. Caryosystematics; embryology.

Spermatogenesis; biology of florescence, etc.