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Zue Sun Bien Edit Profile

also known as Pien Shou-sun


Mr. Bien Zue Sun was Inspector General of the Bank of China in 1914-1916 and Chief Secretary of the Chung Foo Union Bank in Tientsin.


Mr. Bien Zue Sun was born at Wuchang, Hubei province in 1883. His native home was at I-Cheng Hsien, Kiangsu province.


Mr. Bien Zue Sun studied at the Aurora College, Shanghai from 1904 to 1905.

Mr. Bien went to America in November 1906. He studied Political Science and Economics at the Brown University from 1907 to 1912 when he graduated with the degree of Ph. D.


In June 1912 Mr. Bien Zue Sun was appointed James Manning's Scholar for excellence in college studies on graduation. He was the author of Education as a Means of Social Progress.

Mr. Bien returned to China in September 1912 and was at once appointed assistant secretary of the Bank of China, Peking. He was sub-manager of the issue department of the same bank in 1913-1914; assistant inspector in1914 and Inspector General 1914-1916.

From 1916 to 1920 Mr. Bien was Chief Secretary and Inspector General of the Chung Foo Union Bank, Tientsin. In September 1920 he was appointed manager of Tientsin Office in the Bank of China. In February 1921 Mr. Bien was awarded the Second Class Chiajio Decoration. In 1922 he was given the concurrent post as manager of the Peking Office of the Bank of China. In May 1923 he was given the Third Class Wenhu Decoration.