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Engineering educator

Zuu-Chang Hong, Chinese engineering educator. Achievements include patents in field. Named Distinguished Professor, National Central University, Chung-Li, 1989; recipient Research award, National Science Council, Taipei, 1991-1992, Distinguished Paper of the Year award, Society Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 1982.


Hong, Zuu-Chang was born on April 25, 1942 in Bei-Kun, Yuan-Lin, Taiwan. Son of San-Lin and Fei-Rien (Jih) Hong.


Bachelor of Science, National Taiwan University, 1968. Master of Science, University California, Davis, 1971. Doctor of Philosophy, University Illinois, 1975.


From associate to full professor department mechanical engineering National Taiwan University, Taipei, 1975-1980, professor, 1980—1982. Professor, head department mechanical engineering National Taiwan Institute of Technology, 1985—1988. Professor, dean College Engineering, National Central University, Chungli, Taiwan, 1985-1988, professor Taiwan, since 1988.

Consultant Chun-San Institute of Science and Technology, Lung-Tan, Tao-Yuan, 1981—1993, Lung-Tan, Tao-Yuan, since 1995, Taiwan Institute Economic Research, Taipei, 1989—1994. Professor-in-charge Automatic Control Laboratory, Taiwan University, 1976, Computational Fluid Dynamic Laboratory, Central University, 1985, Satellite Engineering Laboratory, 1995. Member industrial development advisory council Ministry of Economics, Taiwan, 1983—1999.

Director Office Committee Precision Machinery industry Development, Ministry. of Economic Affairs, Taiwan, 1997—1998. Member advisory science and technical group Ministry of Defense, Taiwan, since 1998. With Reserve Officers Training Corps Chinese Navy, 1968-1969.


  • Achievements include patents in field.


Fellow: American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (associate). Member: AASRC (chairman organization committee 2d national conference computational fluid dynamics 1993, chairman technical committee 2d and 3d global Chinese conference astronautical science tec 1994), Chinese Society Aeronautics an Astronautics (board directors 1986-1993, since 1995), Society Manufacturing Engineers (chairman Taipei chapter # 242 1993-1994), Chinese Society Automation (board directors since 1992, vice chairman 1994-1998), Welding Society Republican of China (board directors 1986-1995), Chinese Society Mechanical Engineers 1980-1985, (chairman organization committee 3d national conference mechanical engineering 1986, board directors since 1997, Distinguished Engineering Professor of the Year 2002), Chinese Institute Engineers (Distinguished Paper of the Year 1979).


Married Sue-Jane Chen, January 15, 1974 (divorced April 1979). Children: Grace Shau-Wei Hong, Chao-I Hong. Married Hsiu-Ching Chen, April 14, 1982.

Children: Chao-Tien Hong, Chao-Hun Hong, Chao-Min Hong.

San-Lin Hong

Fei-Rien (Jih) Hong

Sue-Jane Chen

Hsiu-Ching Chen

Chao-I Hong

Chao-Tien Hong

Chao-Hun Hong

Chao-Min Hong

Grace Shau-Wei Hong