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Aleksandr Efimovich Razumnyi

director , cameraman

Aleksandr Razumnyi, USSR Director, cameraman.


Razumnyi, Aleksandr was born on May 1, 1891.


Graduated from the Odessa Art School, 1914.


Entered the film industry, 1915. First film: Zhizn’ i Smert’ Leitenanta Shmidt a, 1917. Adapted Gorkii’s Mother, 1920.

Chief cameraman at Lenin’s funeral, 1924. Emigrated a year later. Made one film in Berlin, Lishnie Liudi, 1926.

Returned to the USSR, 1930. From 1945, director of popular science films. Taught at the Proletkino Studio and the GIK (later the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography).

In the 1950s worked at the Lithuanian Film Studio.