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Aleksandr Viktorovich Shiriaev

choreographer , teacher , ballet dancer

Aleksandr Shiriaev, USSR Ballet dancer, choreographer, teacher.


Shiriaev, Aleksandr was born on September 10, 1867 in Petersburg.


Graduated from the Petersburg Theatre School, 1885. Pupil of M. Petipa, P. Karsavin and P. Gerdt.


Child-dancer at the Aleksandrinskii Theatre, 1877-1881. Character and grotesque dancer, also a great comedian. In 1902, leading dancer during the Russian Season in Monte Carlo.

Choreographer at the Mariinskii Theatre and abroad. In 1905, fired from the Mariinskii Theatre, which caused a great protest from the other dancers and choreographers. In 1918, returned to the Mariinskii/Leningrad Opera and Ballet Theatre.

The Training Theatre attached to the Kirov Theatre was renamed in his honour. Wrote, with A. Lopukhov and A. Bocharov, Osnovy Kharakternogo Tatusa, 1939.