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Alexander Vasilievich Titov Edit Profile

designer , director , professor

Alexander Vasilievich Titov is a general designer and general director of KB "Motor".


Alexander Vasilievich Titov was born on August 17, 1938.


After graduating from high school in 1955 with a silver medal Alexander entered the Minsk Polytechnic Institute at the automotive tractor department in the specialty "Automotive industry". He graduated in 1960 with distinction.


After graduation from the institute, Alexander Vasilievich was sent to the SKB of the Minsk Automobile Plant, which at that time created heavy vehicles - missile vehicles. In 1962, almost immediately after the creation in Moscow of the design bureau "Motor" of the Ministry of General Mechanical Engineering, Alexander Vasilievich moved here to work as a design engineer. In 1976, Alexander defended his thesis on the specialty "Start and Technical Complexes of Missile Technology" and received his Doctor of Philosophy in Technical Sciences. For 40 years of work in KB "Motor" Alexander Vasilievich went through all the steps of the service ladder: engineer-designer, senior engineer, leading engineer, chief of the sector, chief of the design department, first deputy chief designer. Since 1981 he served as deputy chief designer, and in 1981, when the posts of chief designer and chief of the design bureau were merged, he also became deputy chief of the design bureau. In 1991, Alexander Vasilievich, who was appointed chief, was forced to leave for an unplanned vacation.


  • With the direct participation of Alexander Vasilievich Titov has developed and implemented more than 500 different aggregates and complexes of technological equipment, including for the reusable space system "Energia-Buran", the space system "Soyuz" and others.

    Alexander Vasilievich is the author and co-author of more than 240 scientific papers on the problems of creating heavy-duty transport-technological units for special purposes, has a number of patents for inventions.


Titov Vasily Vasilyevich

Titova Natalia Sergeevna

Titova (Akimova) Lyudmila Ivanovna