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Ali Mofleh Mahafzah Edit Profile

researcher , History educator

Ali Mofleh Mahafzah, Jordanian history educator, researcher. Academy Palm medal French Government, 1981, Education medal of highest order, Jordanian Government, State prize of merit for social studies, Jordanian Government, 1992.


Mahafzah, Ali Mofleh was born on March 15, 1938 in Kofor-Jayez, Irbid, Jordan. Son of Mofleh Abdullah and Shamikhah Salameh (Anakreh) Mahafzah.


License, University Damascus, Syria, 1959. Diploma, University Damascus, Syria, 1960. Doctor de 3d Cycle, La Sorbonne, Paris, 1971.

Doctor d'Etat, La Sorbonne, Paris, 1980.


Diplomat Ministry Foreign Affairs Government Jordan, Aman, 1962-1971. From assistant to associate professor University Jordan, 1971-1981. Vice president Mutah University, Karak, Jordan, 1981-1984, president Jordan, 1984-1989, Yanmouk University, Irbid, Jordan, 1989-1993.

Professor University Jordan, Aman, since 1994. Member Council of Association of Arab Universities, Aman, Jordan, 1981-1993, Higher Education Council, Aman, 1981-1993, Council of Education, Aman, 1987-1992. Chairman Union of Jordanian Writers, Aman, 1991-1993.


  • Other Work

    • Author: (books) Jordanian-British Relations, 1921-1957, 1973, Contemporary History of Jordan, The Emirate, 1921-1946, 1973, 2d review edition 1989, Intellectual Movement in Palestine and Trans Jordan, 1775-1925, 1987, Attitudes of France, Germany and Italy Towards Arab Unity, 1918-1945, 1987, Political Thought in Palestine 1918-1948, 1989, Arab Intllectual Trends in the Renaissance Period, 1975, fifth review edition 1987, Political Thought in Jordan (2 vols. ) 1990. Also contributor articles to professional journals.


Married Fawzieh Jawdat Shago, October 2, 1968. Children: Basel, Sirien, Qais.

Mofleh Abdullah Mahafzah

Shamikhah Salameh (Anakreh) Mahafzah

Fawzieh Jawdat Shago

Basel Mahafzah

Sirien Mahafzah

Qais. Basma Mahafzah