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Benjamin Carl Unseld Edit Profile

composer , teacher

Benjamin Carl Unseld, American composer, teacher.


Unseld, Benjamin Carl was born on October 18, 1843 in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, United States. Son of John George and Susan (Eaty) Unseld.


General education in schools of native place. Took up serious study of music at 21. 1st teacher Doctor Eben Tourjee.

Also studied under Doctor William Mason, James G. Webb, Theodore F. Sewart.


Principal Virginia Normal Music School, established 1874, virtually the progenitor of the system of normal music schools. Associate for many years with Theodore F. Sewart in compilation of Tonic Solfa publications Edited, alone or in association with others, over 20 musical works, including Temple Star, Tonic Solfa, Music Reader, Tonic Solfa School Series, Choral Standard, Progress in Song, Practical Voice Culture, etc. Became principal Vaughan Normal School of Music.

Editor Musical Visitor. Address: Lawrenceburg, Tennessee Deceased.


Married Sally Helen Rickard, September 6, 1887.

John George Unseld

Susan (Eaty) Unseld

Sally Helen Rickard