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Chance Carter


A first-timer self-published author. His debut book "Bad Boys Daddy" places in Kindle Amazon Top 20.


Carter, Chance was born in 1981 in Ireland, but he lives in Canada.


Currently Chance Carter is a student and on-track to complete his studies and receiving Bachelors in Business Administration.


  • “"E Book Review": "The first novel of Chance Carter, and for a first-timer self-published author the story is a win. He speaks in the language of her audience and tells the story in a natural. At some points, the story felt like an autobiography due to the attention to details. Also, full of humor and very spice lines that will get you a good laugh.

    It is uncommon to read romance novels from a male author, and, also, to be about manhood, all from the perspective of the male character. That was interesting, and not very exploited in regular short-novels like this one."”


  • Other Interests

    Reading, writing


Chance isn't married. He has one brother and one sisters.