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Chang-vung Tsang Edit Profile

also known as Chang Chien-wen

lawyer , jurisprudent

Mr. Tsang Chang-vung was a Chinese lawyer and jurisprudent who used to work as assistant magistrate of the International Mixed Court in 1920.


Mr. Tsang Chang-vung, was born Shaoxing, Zhejiang province in 1869.


Mr. Tsang gained his early education as well as his later legal education through private study.


After serving in different capacities Mr. Tsang was in 1920 made assistant magistrate of the International Mixed Court and had since that time become well known with the members of the Shanghai Bar American, British, Chinese, French, Russian, Japanese and Portuguese who had the privilege of practising before him.

Mr. Tsang’s name was enrolled in the Cabinet office as an official awaiting appointment and he has received from the government the Fourth Class Order of the Chiaho (Excellent Crop) and the Sixth Class Order of the Wenfu (Literary Tiger).