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Chao-keng Yang Edit Profile


Government official

Chao-keng Yang was a Chinese government official.


Mr. Yang was born at Chucheng, Shantung, China in 1879.


Chao-keng Yang graduate of a normal school in Japan.


Chao-keng Yang worked as a teacher at the Shantung Provincial Agricultural College and the Shantung Military School. He was an educational inspector of Shantung Province and served under the Manchu regime as a financial official in Kiangsu. He was a secretary to the Governor of Shantung in 1912, magistrate of Ho-tseh in Shantung, China in 1913, magistrate of Tan-Hsien in Shantung, China in 1916, commissioner of the Water Police of Chefoo in Shantung, China in 1920, elected member of the House of the Peking Parliament in 1921, director of the Military Funds Raising Bureau of the Headquarters of the Military Governor of Suiyuan in 1922, secretary in the Ministry of Communications in Peking Government in 1924.

He also served as a magistrate of Taian, Shantung, China in 1925, secretary to the Commander of the 3rd Division of the Northwestern Army in 1925, appointed by the National Government as Chief Secretary of the Shensi Provincial Government in 1927, Chief Secretary to the Commander of 29th Army in 1930, Chief Secretary cf the Chahar Provincial Government and concurrently Director of the Chahar Provincial History Compilation Bureau.