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Charles Leonard Harness Edit Profile

also known as Leonard Lockhard

Lawyer , writer

Charles Harness was an American science fiction writer and lawyer. His work is noted for its intellectual content — treating such themes as death, rebirth, and human evolution — and for the workmanlike quality of his prose. Among Harness' best known stories are "The Rose", "An Ornament to his Profession", "The Alchemist" and "Stalemate in Time".


Charles Harness was born on December 29, 1915 in Colorado City, Texas, United States. He was the son of Conrad T. Harness and Lillian B. Harness.


Charles Harness attained Bachelor of Science degree, graduating from George Washington University in 1942. He continued his studies and in 1946 got Bachelor of Laws degree.


Charles Harness began his career as a mineral economist in 1941 at the United States Bureau of Mines in Washington, a post he held till 1947, when Charles was appointed a patent attorney at American Cyanamid Company in Stamford. Harness held this position until 1953.

During the period from 1953 to 1981 he continued serving as a patent attorney at W.R. Grace and Company in Columbia, Maryland.

Charles Harness had been writing science fiction since the late 1940. He also contributed short stories to periodicals, including Startling Stories, Authentic Science Fiction and Astounding Science Fiction.


  • Charles's works have been praised by other noted science fiction writers, including Arthur C. Clarke and Brian Aldiss. Harness earned praise for Lurid Dreams, which combines academic politics, a research project on out-of-body experiences, and the historical figure of supernatural writer Edgar Allan Poe.

    During his lifetime, Charles was nominated for multiple Hugo and Nebula awards.

    In 2004 the writer was named Author Emeritus by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.


Charles Harness was married to Nell Harness. They had two children — Mollie and Charles.

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