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Chi-hsin Liu (Frank Chi-hsing Liu)

Agricultural expert

Chi-hsin Liu was a Chinese agricultural expert.


He was born in Hankow, Hupeh, China in 1902.


Chi-hsin Liu was a graduate of Boone University Middle School in 1918 and of Tsinghua College in 1922. Then he went to America, where he studied agricultural administration and research at the Iowa State College of Agriculture in 1922-1923.

Mr. Liu also graduated from the University of Wisconsin with Bachelor of Science and Arts degree in 1924. He received his practical experience in experiment station work in the United States Department of Agriculture at Beltsville, Maryland in 1924-925 and at Armour & Co., Chicago, studying the packing industry in 1925. He also received his Master of Science degree at Cornell University in 1926.


Chi-hsin Liu went to Europe to study agricultural conditions in 1926. Returning to China, he became a secretary in the Kiangsi Provincial Government and general superintendent of forests in 1926. He worked as a secretary of the labor department of the Central Executive Committee of Kuomintang in 1927, secretary of the general affairs department of the Military Council in 1927, secretary of the Nationalist Naval Headquarters in 1928, director-general of Hupeh agricultural and forestry experiment stations since 1928.