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Chieh Chao Edit Profile

Railway engineer

Chao Chieh was a talented Chinese railway engineer.


Mr. Chao was born in Tianjin, China, in 1879.


Chao Chieh graduated from Shanhaiguan Railway Engineering School.


Mr. Chao was an assistant engineer of Beijing-Zhangjiakou Railway in 1908. He served as an assistant engineer and senior engineer of Lo-Tung Railway in 1910. Since 1913 he held the post of a sub-chief of section of Lung Hai Railway. Mr. Chao was surveying in Xuzhou on a branch line of Tianjin-Pukou Railway to Chia Wang Coal Mining District in 1917. He was also surveying in Tzu-Hsien on a branch line of Beijing-Hankou Railway to E-Li Coal Mining District during 1918.

Chao Chieh served as a chief of section at Sin Lo Ch'iao of Beijing-Hankou Railway since 1920. He loaned out to T'sang Shih Railway as an engineer in charge the same year. In 1921 he was appointed district engineer of T'sang Shih Railway. Mr. Chao returned to Beijing-Hankou Railway in 1922, as engineer in designing department. He loaned out to Men-Chai Railway as chief engineer in 1923.

Mr. Chao returned to Beijing-Hankou Railway in July, 1925. Since December, 1926, he engaged as chief engineer of Kirin-Hailung Railway.