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Hung-hsun Ling (H. H. Ling)

railway engineer

Hung-hsun Ling was a Chinese railway engineer.


He was born in Canton, China in 1894.


Mr. Ling graduated from Nanyang University (liow Chiaotung University) in Shanghai in 1915 with Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering. Then he went to America, studying Structural Engineering and obtaining practical experience in the American Bridge Co.


After returning to China, Hung-hsun Ling entered the Government Railway service as a bridge engineer of the Peking-Hankow Railway, and Technical Expert of the Ministry of Communications.

He was also a Professor of Structural Engineering, Dean and later President of Nanyang University in Shanghai, China in 1923-1927 and in the latter capacity, he inaugurated the Industrial Research Laboratory from a fund, granted by the American Boxer Indemnity Commission, Director of the Wuchow Public Works Department in Kwangsi, China in 1927-1928, Director, Construction Department, Lunghai Railway, completing a section of 72 Km. from Lingpao to Tungkwan in the western section of the line, and later, Director and Engineer-in-Chief of the TungkwanSianfu section (181 Km.) of the Lunghai Railway. Then he became a director and Engineer-in-Chief of the ChuchowShaochow Section (450 Km.) of the Canton-Hankow Railway under construction, a member of the Chinese Institute of Engineers, and a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers.