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Chih-kiang Chang Edit Profile

government official

Chang Chih-kiang was known as a serviceman who later left his military service and became an official.


Mr. Chang was born in Yuenshanhsien, Chihli in 1881.


After serving in various branches of the army in the North, Chang Chih-kiang was appointed Military Governor of Charhar and later Tupan of the Northwestern Frontier Defence. When Feng Yu-hsiang retired from the Kuo- minchun, he assumed command of the Army and was largely responsible for the masterly retreat from Kalgan across Mongolia into Kansu and Shensi.

He served as Inspector-General for Honan, Shensi and Kansu provinces and later had charge of the Bandit Suppression Forces in Honan. Following the reorganization of the Nationalist Government in 1927, he was made a member of the Military Council, which position he held till the latter part of 1928. During the Northern Expedition, he was appointed Chief-of-Staff of the Revolutionary Army.

Following the organization of the National Opium Suppression Committee on August 20, 1929, he was appointed Chairman. Chang Chih-kiang was a Bandit Suppression Commissioner for Kiangsu with Headquarters at Yangchow, Northern Kiangs between 1930 and 1931. Since 1932 Chang Chih-kiang became a President of the National Physical Culture Institute and Counsellor of the Military Advisory Council.


  • Military Council

    1927 - 1928