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Chin-yi Liu

railway official

Chin-yi Liu was a Chinese railway official.


He was born in Kaifeng, Honan, China in 1885.


Chin-yi Liu went to America on a Honan Provincial Government scholarship in 1918 and studied engineering at Michigan University, graduating in 1922.


Mr. Liu worked in Continental Motors as a student engineer for two years after graduation. Then he returned to China in 1924 and successively served as professor at Northeastern University, Peking Law College and Peking Engineering College.

He occupied also such positions as aviation expert at the Northeastern Aviation Bureau, editor of the Aviation Monthly and counsellor at the Headquarters of the 3rd and 4th Group Armies of the Fengtien Forces, Commissioner of Industries of the Honan Provincial Government, director of the Honan Provincial Conservancy Bureau, director of the Foreign Affairs Bureau attached to the Headquarters of the Commander-in-Chief of the Chihli Peace Preservation Forces and vice-Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture and Industry of Peking Government in 1927, counsellor at the Headquarters of the Commander of the Northeastern Frontier Defense Force in 1928 and director of works department of the Chinese Eastern Railway in 1929-1931.