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Chin Liu Edit Profile

also known as Hsi-shan Liu

railway engineer

Chin Liu was a Chinese railway engineer.


He was born in Shanghai, Kiangsu, China in 1885.


Mr. Liu studied at the Anglo-Chinese College at Shanghai and later at the Shanhaikwan Railway College, graduating from the latter in 1900.


Chin Liu joined the British Weihaiwei regiment as a cadet and interpreter and received the rank of military sergeant in 1902. He was an assistant police superintendent of the commercial port of Tsinan in Shantung, China in 1903, aidecamp to the Viceroy of Chihli, sectional engineer of the Lotung Railway and acting locomotive engineer of the Lunghai Railway in 1908, secretary and engineer-in-charge of the technical department of the Szechuen-Hankow Railway in 1917.

Mr. Liu worked also as a corresponding secretary in Hankow of the Association of Chinese and American Engineers, member of the board of directors of the Hankow Y.M.C.A., Hankow agent and correspondent of tne Far Eastern Times at Peking.