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Ching-jen Lin Edit Profile

also known as Ching-jun Lin

university president

Ching-jen Lin was an university president. He worked in the sphere of science.


Lin Ching-jen was born in March 4, 1898, Hinghwa, Fukien, China.


After receiving his preliminary education in the schools of his native province he attended Fukien Christian College at Foochow, China in 1916-1919. Then Mr. Lin went to America and attended Oberlin College in Ohio, USA in 1919-1920. He also studied at Harvard University in 1920-1922, Columbia University in 1922-2195, Drew Seminary in New Jersey, USA in 1925-1926.


On returning to China in 1927, Ching-jen Lin joined the faculty of Fukien Christian University as lecturer in political science and economics, he was made chairman of the administration commission of the University in 1927 and president of the same institution, since 1928.

He was a president of the Fukien Christian Education Association in 1928-1934, president of the China Christian Educational Association in 1930-1934.


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