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educator , engineer

Mr. Chung-Wen Pan was a Chinese professor and engneer who worked on improving of different types of mining. He used to work as a Professor at North-Eastern University of China.


Mr. Chung-Wen Pan was born at Hsing-Cheng Hsien, Fengtien province in 1896.


Mr. Chung-Wen Pan received his Chinese education at home under tutorship and graduated from the high primary school in his district.

In 1910 Mr. Pan went to Tientsin where he entered the Tientsin Industrial College and won a full scholarship after passing successful examinations. Two years later he was transferred to Tientsin Nan-Kai School. Upon his graduation from Nan-Kai he applied for the competitive examination of Tsing Hua College. He was then admitted as a sophomore and was the first student that had ever been accepted by the College from the Manchurian Province. While there he was once editor-in-chief of a paper which was circulated around Tsing Hua Yuan and inside of Peking as well.

Mr. Pan was sent to America by the College in the summer of 1919 with the tenth group of Tsing Hua graduates. He first entered Lehigh University, Bethlehem where he was admitted as a sophomore student in the Mining Engineering Department. A year later he was transferred to Michigan College of Mines from which he graduated having specialized in Mining, Metallurgy, and Geology and received his degrees of B. Sc. and E. M. Also he received his certificate of Mining Rescue Training from the Bureau of Mines in the Department of Interior of the U. S. government.


Mr. Chung-Wen Pan once assisted Prof. A. E. Seaman, Michigan State Geologist to study the various geological formations in both the copper and iron countries, particularly the vein phenomena along the Gold Range north of Ishpeming and the Huronian elastics and rocks in the Marquette iron-bearing district where the largest iron ore bodies of the world are found associated with the Middle Marquette series.

Also Mr. Chung-Wen Pan was once surveying in Bengal Iron Mine, Iron River, and working in Champion Copper Mill, Mich and he travelled underground from mine to mine all over the iron country together with Prof. F. W. Sperr to study the different methods of mining. He then went to New York and enrolled as a graduate student in the School of Mines, Columbia University and was researching on Metallography for his Doctor’s degree when unfortunately he was called back on account of his father’s illness. Upon his return in 1923 Mr. Pan was strongly recommended by Dr. K. F. Sun to Governor Wang Yuang-Kiang of Fengtaep Province and consequently appointed to be Professor of North-Eastern University and also to work out a plan of establishing a first grade Mining School for the university of which the Governor himself was the president. Mr. Chung-Wen Pan was directing prospecting work on an undeveloped bithiminous property in his district.