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Dr. Andrew Lee Edit Profile

also known as Lu Kuang

Government official

Dr. Andrew Lee was a Chinese government official.


He was born in Ningpo, Chekiang, China in 1909.


He received education at Hangchow Christian College, Soochow University Law School and Post Graduate School of Fuh Tan University and then went to America in 1930. Also he studied at Northwestern University Post Graduate School and received the degree of Master of Arts in Municipal Government and attended De Pauw University Law School and received the degree of Doctor of Juridical Science in 1932.


Dr. Andrew Lee was a winner of the Phi Delta Phi highest scholarship "Y" key in 1932. He was also admitted as an honorary member to Chicago Bar in 1982. He took position of Secretary of Legislative Yuan in 1934.

Dr. Lee was an author of "The Fundamental Distinguishing Features of Eastern and Western Politics", "The Outlines of World Diplomatic History", "The Ancient Chinese Legal Philosophy" and "The Case Ryland v. Fletcher".