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Chih-pen Chang

government official

Chang Chih-pen was a state official and active member of a number of organizations.


Mr. Chang was born in Kiang-lin, Hupeh.


After graduating from the Liang-Hu University at Wuchang (University of Hunan and Hupeh), Chang Chih-pen went to Japan, where he studied law at the Law College of the Imperial University in Tokyo.


Upon his return to China, Chang Chih-pen was appointed commissioner of justice of Hupeh. In 1924 he became a president of the Hupeh Law College. Mr. Chang became a member of the Central Executive Committee of Kuomintang in 1924 (being an old Kuomintang member).

During the period from 1927 to 1928 he was a Chairman of the Hupeh Provincial Government and concurrently member of the Wuhan Division of the Central Political Council of the Nationalist Government. In 1930 Chang Chih-pen participated in the Northern Military Coalition at Peiping. Since 1933 he was a Vice-Chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee and member of the Legislative Yuan.