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George Macklin Wilson Edit Profile

administrator , History educator

George Macklin Wilson, American history educator, cultural studies center administrator.


Wilson, George Macklin was born on April 27, 1937 in Columbus, Ohio, United States.


Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Russian Studies, Princeton University, 1958. Master of Arts in East Asian Regional Studies, Harvard University, 1960. Doctor of Philosophy in History and Far Eastern Languages, Harvard University, 1965.


From instructor to assistant professor of history, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 1964-1967;associate professor of history, Indiana U., Bloomington, 1967-1976;associate professor East Asian languages and cultures, Indiana U., Bloomington, 1975-1976;professor, Indiana U., Bloomington, since 1976;director East Asian studies program, Indiana U., Bloomington, 1970-1971, 72-73;associate dean research and advanced tudies, associate dean international programs, Indiana U., Bloomington, 1972-1975;dean international programs office of president, Indiana U., Bloomington, 1975-1978;director graduate studies department history, Indiana U., Bloomington, 1980-1983;acting chair department history, Indiana U., Bloomington, 1983-1984, summer 1981, summer 1982;director East Asian studies center, Indiana U., Bloomington, since 1987;director Title VI national resource center East Asian studies, Indiana U., Bloomington, since 1991. Visiting lecturer Japanese history University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1963-1964, summer 1964. Vist. assistant professor of history summer school arts and science Harvard University, 1966, associate professor of history summer school, 1975, research associate East Asian research center, 1966, 75, 78-79.

Research associate faculty letters Kyoto U., 1971-1972, visiting professor faculty education, 1985. Member, chair various committees Ind.U., member board advisors East Asian summer language institute, since 1985, chair Japan forum, since 1990. Consultant international division Ford Foundation, 1974-1977, consultant history Midwest universities consortium international activities, 1979-1980.

Mem.rev. panel division public programs National Endowment for Humanities, 1978-1980. Member of advisory screening committee Japan Council International Exch. Scholars, 1978-1981, chair, 1980-1981.

Member of advisory panel Annenberg School Comm. and Corporation Public Broadcasting, 1982-1984. Consultant East Asian history American History Review, 1985-1991. Member Governor RobertOrr's Higher Education Delaware to Indiana's Sister State, Zhejiang Province, China, 1988.

Chair United States-Japan Business Forum, 1988-1990. Board directors Indiana Consortium International Programs, 1972-1978. Indiana U. member board directors Interuniversity Center Japanese Language Studies in Yokohama, since 1988.

Presenter in field.



Member American History Association (convener 1984 and 1988 annual meetings, chair conference Asian history since 1989), Midwest Conference Asian Affairs (member nominating committee 1990-1991), Midwest Universities Consortium International Activities, Inc. (liaison officer for Indiana University 1973-1978, board directors 1974-1978, secretary corporation 1974-1978), Association Asian Studies (member program committee, Japan representative 1985 annual meeting), Japan-American Society Indiana, Inc. (founding, member steering committee 1987-1988, board directors since 1988), Hudson Institute (public).


Married Joyce DeCoster Klain, June 11, 1960. Children: George David, Elizabeth Adeline.

Joyce DeCoster Klain

George David Wilson

Elizabeth Adeline Wilson