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Hew Fan Un Edit Profile

also known as Yuan Hsiao-fan


Mr. H. F. Un was a banker, Officer of the foreign department of the Bank of Guangzhou Ltd. in 1918-1922.


Mr. H. F. Un was born in Penang, Straits Settlements in 1881.


Mr. Un received primary education by private tuition and his elementary education in the Penang Free School.


Mr. Un began his banking career with British banks in the year 1897 and for several years was given the opportunity of handling and studying every kind of banking business. At one time he was also engaged in mercantile business for several years.

Due to his wide experience in banking and commerce he was invited to join the Bank of Guangzhou Ltd. in Hongkong in 1918 as an officer of the foreign department where he served until his appointment as agent of the bank in New York in 1922 when its New York agency was established.

Mr. Un took a keen interest in sports, chiefly in tennis, cricket and swimming. He was a member of the Hongkong Chinese Recreation Club. He was its Honorary Secretary for nine years and he served as vice-president of the Hongkong Amateur Athletic Federation for one term. He was also a member of the Chinese Club of Hongkong and served on its Committee for several terms. During the European War he served in the Hongkon Police Reserve Force, in which he was an Inspector and was awarded medal silver bar for meritorous services