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Hsing-chi Liu Edit Profile

government official

Hsing-chi Liu was a Chinese Government official.


He was born in Hankow, Hupeh, China on September 27, 1902.


Mr. Liu attended Boone Preparatory School in 1911. He was also a graduate of Tsing Hua College, 1922.

Then he was sent to the United States on the returned American BoxerIndemnity Funds. Mr. Liu attended Iowa State College of Agriculture in 1922-1923, graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1924 with the degree of Bachelor of Agriculture and Master of Science from Cornell University in 1926.


Hsing-chi Liu returned to China in 1926. He served as secretary to the Political Bureau of the National Government, secretary, Central Department of Labor in 1926-1927, was a member of the Commission of Technical Experts attached to the Provincial Government of Hupeh in 1927-1928, Director of the Hupeh Provincial Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station in 1928-1929, Technical Expert of the Department of Reconstruction of the Provincial Government of Anhwei and concurrently Director of the Provincial Agricultural Experiment Station in 1929-1930.

Mr. Liu worked also as a chief of the Department of Agriculture of the Provincial Government of Chekiang in 1930-1931, Senior Technical Expert to the Ministry of Industry in 1931-1932, Director of the Department of Fishery and Animal Industry of the Ministry of Industry and concurrently, Director of the National Animal Husbandry Experiment Station since 1932.

He was an author of "The Practices of Animal Husbandry" and "The Administration of Animal Industry" (both in Chinese).