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Iurii Andreevich Zheliabuzhskii

director , scriptwriter , cameraman

Iurii Zheliabuzhskii, USSR Cameraman, director, scriptwriter.


Zheliabuzhskii, Iurii was born on December 24, 1888.


Graduated from the Higher Technical School.


Entered the film industry, 1915. Filmed the events of both the February and October Revolutions. Filmed Lenin and other political figures on many occasions.

His first film was Novoe Plat’e Korolia, 1919. Turned to directing in the same year. Specialized in agit films, such as DetiTsvety Zhizni and Gidrotorf.

Best known for his remarkable photography in Polikushka, 1922. From propaganda films he turned to fairy tales, including Morozko, 1924, and Papirosniisa ot Mossel’proma, 1924. Made the wonderful film Kollezhskii Registrator, 1925, based on A. Pushkin’s short story.

Switched to animated films, and headed an animation studio from 1927. Taught at the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography, becoming a professor there.