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Jacob Harry Hollander


Jacob Harry HOLLANDER, economist. President, American Economic Association,



HOLLANDER, Jacob Harry was born in 1871 in Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America.


Bachelor of Arts, Johns Hopkins University, 1891, Doctor of Philosophy., 1894. Doctor of Laws, University of Glasgow, 1938.


Associate professor finance until 1900, associate professor political economy, 1901-1904, professor, 1904-1925, Abram G. Hutzler professor political economy, since 1925, Johns Hopkins. Was secretary Bimetallic Commission abroad in 1897. Chairman of municipal lighting commission, City of Baltimore, 1900.

Was appointed by Secretary of War, 1900, special commissioner to revise the laws relating to taxation in P.R., and while engaged in this service was appointed by President McKinley as treasurer of P.R. Organized treasury department and devised and introduced present revenue system (“Hollander law”) of island, resigning August 1901, after system was in successful operation. United States special agent on taxation in Indiana Ty., 1904.

Was sent by President Roosevelt as special commissioner to Santo Domingo, 1905, to investigate its public debt. Confidential agent of Department of State with respect to Dominican affairs, 1906-1907. Financial adviser of the Dominican Republic, 1908-1910, and largely instrumental in readjusting its public debt.

Umpire in Maryland. and Upper Potomac coal field, 1918-1920. Impartial chairman and member board referees, Cleveland Garment Industry, 1921-1932. Associate editor Baltimore News, 1929-1930.

Chairman Tax Survey communications of Maryland, 1931-1932. Author: The Cincinnati Southern Railway—A Study in Municipal Activity, 1894. The Financial History of Baltimore, 1899.

Edited Letters of David Ricardo to J. R. McCulloch. Letters of David Ricardo to Hutches Trower (with James Bonar). Studies in State Taxation—with particular reference to the Southern States, 1900.

Reprint of Economic Tracts, since 1903. Report on Taxation in Indian Territory, 1904. Report on the Debt of San Domingo, 1906.

David Ricardo, A Centenary Estimate, 1911. The Abolition of Poverty, 1914. War Borrowing, 1919; Economic Liberalism, 1925.

Want and Plenty, 1932. Editor: Economic Essays in Honor of John Bates Clark, 1927. Ricardo’s Notes on Malthus, 1928.

Ricardo’s Minor Papers on Currency, 1932. Home: Baltimore, Maryland.


  • President, American Economic Association,




Married Theresa G. Hutzler, January 22, 1906 (died 1916). Children: Rosamond Hutzler (Mistress.

Meyer Hollander

Rosa (Meyer) Hollander

Theresa G. Hutzler

Rosamond Hutzler (Mrs Hollander