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scientist , writer

Janusz Wiśniewski is a popular Polish writer. He received recognition in 2001, after the release of his debut novel S@motność w Sieci translated into English as Loneliness on the Net. Currently Wiśniewski lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany.


Janusz Leon Wiśniewski was born on August 18, 1954 in Torun, the capital of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship of Poland. Both of his parents are Poles, his father is a driver and his mother is a store owner. Janusz has an elder brother, who now teaches chemistry at the Lyceum in Toruń.


At the age of 14 Janusz entered the Naval College in Kołobrzeg under the Ministry of Maritime Transport and in 5 years received a diploma of a deepwater sailor. He is Master in Physics and Master in Economics. He obtained both of these qualifications in Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. He holds a PhD in Information Technology from Warsaw University of Technology and Habilitation in Chemistry from the Technical University of Łódź.


Janusz Wiśniewski wrote his first novel «S@motność w Sieci» in 2001. Wiśniewski said that writing the novel coincided with the time of "depression after succes" - he was going through divorce while receiving his doctorate in chemistry. Most of the characters in the book are real people who the author met in his life. The book about a virtual love that has become a reality instantly gained popularity. The novel did not leave bestseller lists for three years and stood many editions. It is the modern man's view of the modern woman, on the events that are important to the modern person. The book was translated into many languages including English (Loneliness in the Net) and in 2006 it was turned into a film.

In 2002, Wiśniewski's first collection of stories Zespoły napięć was published, that was followed by another collection of stories Martyna in 2003.

In 2004, Wiśniewski wrote his second novel Los powtórzony. The major theme of the novel is family and its significance in people's lives.

In 2007, Wiśniewski published the collection of essays "Czy mężczyźni są światu potrzebni?" The book is written in the publicistic genre; it casts doubt on stereotypes and reveals new things about the strong half of mankind.

In 2008, Arytmia uczuć came out, the book that was written in collaboration with Dorota Wellman, a popular Polish journalist. Answering her provocative questions, he shares his inner thoughts about life, love and literature. The author reveals his own secrets, shares his sorrows, hopes and dreams, talks about the time he spent in New York and what made him move to Frankfurt, about his favorite restaurants, music, entertainment and people who influenced his worldview.

In 2011, Wiśniewski published Zbliżenia. In his new book Janusz Wisniewski writes about how men and women dream about love and intimacy. Telling his stories, the writer is convinced that the pursuit of happiness does not depend on the place of residence, social status or skin color.

In 2012, Wisniewski wrote the collection of stories Ukrwienia. Janusz Wisniewski examines love as a living organism, placing it in different life situations, changing the place, time and characters.

In 2013, Wisniewski wrote a deeply personal story about his experiences and feelings - Na fejsie z moim synem. The narrator of the story is the author's mother.


  • Janusz Wiśniewski is best known for his novel translated into English as Loneliness on the Net. He is one of the authors of the computer program AutoNom.


  • biographical book (2008)

    • Arytmia uczuć

  • collection of essays (2007)

    • Czy mężczyźni są światu potrzebni?

  • collection of stories (2002)

    • Zespoły napięć

  • collection of stories (2003)

    • Martyna

  • collection of stories (2011)

    • Łóżko

    • Ukrwienia

  • novel (2001)

    • S@motność w sieci (Loneliness on the Net)

  • novel (2004)

    • Los powtórzony

  • novel (2012)

    • Miłość oraz inne dysonanse

  • novel (2014)

    • Grand

  • scientific work, author (1998)

    • The Beilstein System: Strategies for Effective Searching

  • scientific work, co-author (1993)

    • Recent Advances In Chemical Information The second

  • story (2012)

    • Na fejsie z moim synem


When asked about being a scientist who believes in God, Janusz Wiśniewski replied positively. He said "God for me is not the one in the Bible. God for me is a philosophy. I go to church on Mondays, when there are no crowds of parishioners and I can communicate with God in peace."


Janusz Wiśniewski believes that love is a consequence of specific chemical reactions occurring in the human organism.

He's also known for his views on women: "I think women are the better half of humankind."

On his official website Janusz Wiśniewski writes: "Lord, help me be the person my dog thinks I am."

Quotations: "My wife is science, but I have a love affair with literature."

"When I write, I do not feel lonely. On the contrary, I seek for loneliness. I like to write in the evening or at night, sipping beer and listening to music, thus making myself feel melancholic. All important works in science and literature are created in loneliness after all."

"I'm often advised to quit science and only write books. But I just really like science. I experience strong emotions when, for example, a computer program that I've created, begins to work."


  • Other Interests

    Speaks German, English, Russian


Divorced, has two daughters.

Ada - Poland

Ioanna - Poland