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Clergyman , naturalist

John Bachman, American clergyman, naturalist.


Bachman, John was born on February 4, 1790 in Rhinebeck, New York, United States. Son of Jacob Bachman.


Educated Williams College. Doctor of Philosophy. (honorary), University Berlin (Germany), 1838.


Secretary to Johannes Knickerbocker in an exploring expedition and embassy to Oneida Indians. Taught school, Ellwood, Pennsylvania, later in Philadelphia. Licensed to preach in Lutheran Church, Philadelphia, 1813, ordained to ministry, 1814, served at St. John’s Church, Charleston, South Carolina.

Founder South Carolina.’s Lutheran Theological Seminary. Made collection of Southern animals and studied their habits and habitats, led to association with John Audubon (who used Bachman’s work in his book on ornithology, 1830-1835. A founder South Carolina.

Horticultural Society, 1833. Travelled in Europe with Audubon, 1838. Tried to reconcile scripture with science during evolution controversey of 1850’s.

Devoted minister to sick and the dying during Civil War. Collaborated with Audubon on The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America, published in 3 volumes, 1845-1859. The Unity of the Human Race, 1850.


Married Harriet Martin, 1816.

Jacob Bachman. Bachman

Harriet Martin